Monday, 23 July 2012

What is the best blogging platform

Best blogging platform
Many people want to know, "Which is the best blogging platform ?". Many people gives this answer as different way considering the different purpose. But,it can be said,that Google blogspot is best.
    Because:                1.There is no charge.
                                 2.Easy to making.
    3.Perhaps it is best for SEO and add.
    4.Easily transfer to custom domain.
    5.Scope of automatic permalink.
    6.Management is easy.


  1. It is an exact speech.I am agree with you.
    Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. There are some correct information in your site.

  3. I think the best blogging platform is wordpress. Because

    1. Very easy to make
    2. A lot of themes and plug-in
    3. Very user friendly

    1. Your comment is write.
      WordPress theme can not be optimized.
      It is very hard to maintain wordpress security.
      Because,many hackers use cloning software to hack ur site.Most of the time it is occured.That is a great problem of wordpress.